Known Bugs

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The following list of bugs is accurate to the Demo 2.8.6 2021-4-13 release. Please see the Changelog for past glitches that have been fixed.

Not Recently Reported

The following listed glitches and bugs were a known factor in the past, but have not been reported on the current Core release. We don't know if they've been fixed or not. Please contact the team if you encounter these errors on the version listed above.

  • If a Pokémon in the party is poisoned and drops to 1 HP when walking, the game may rarely crash when the poison should wear off.
  • The faster the game speed is set, the longer certain things such as evolution and dialogue pauses take.
    • Generally, the speedup option negatively impacts stability and performance.
  • Radio/Jukebox creates significant lag.
  • During a pause in dialogue, such as a cutscene, if the player is facing their following Pokémon and mashes the interaction button, the cutscene will be interrupted by Following Pokémon dialogue.
    • This happens even during the Kaden scene and healing at a Pokémon Center, where the Pokémon has been forcibly recalled.
  • If the player's Pokémon faints and the attacker becomes confused (such as by Thrash or Outrage) the fainted Pokémon will be able to attack for an extra turn before the game prompts a switch.
  • Occasionally after selecting a move, the game may spam "Can't escape!" multiple times before the battle continues on as normal. Cause unknown.
  • Occasionally if a following Pokémon is of a species with multiple forms, their graphic will revert to their default form. Entering new maps or switching Pokémon should reset it to its proper form.
  • Healing via Acento in Ironis Black Market may cause the music to fade out and not return until a battle is entered.
  • For some users, the music for wild double battles may not trigger.
  • Text during battle may randomly shrink.
  • Held items may disappear randomly. Cause is unknown.


The following bugs and glitches have to do with the optimization of the engine and the game's code. These are considered major errors and we attempt to fix them as quickly as possible.


  • The follower Pokémon may crash the game when attempting to give certain items.


  • Because NPCs can no longer walk through the Follower Pokemon, they can sometimes get stuck on it when following a move route, locking the game.
    • Please inform us of places this happens. Afterwards, the lock can be circumvented by ensuring your follower is not in the way.
  • Similarly, cutscenes where your follower moves out of the way can lock up if the follower isn't even out.



The following bugs and glitches are usually the result of developer oversight, but may be more rooted in existing code that we haven't modified. We try to fix these as we find them, but in most cases they are usually considered minor errors.




  • Ghost-Type Curse doesn't work properly.
  • Burnout, Intoxicate, and Precise don't work properly.
  • Wild Pokémon don't display the proper animation if Metallic.


  • The game attempts to send out the following Pokémon with both animation and sound effect whenever entering a new map (including buildings) regardless of whether the Pokémon is fainted or not.
  • Altaran Qwilfish does not have overworlds, due to being low priority and unobtainable outside of the randomizer.
  • Catching a new Pokémon and replacing the lead Pokémon in the team creates a minor visual glitch in which the following Pokémon does not update.
  • The player's reflection may display on objects such as trees if the player is standing on a puddle.
  • "Large" screen size causes some graphical glitches:
    • Thin lines appear separating connected tiles on different layers
    • Map fogs and panoramas may be misaligned
    • Some connected or overlaid parts of UI assets may appear disjointed
  • For some players, the base PC storage background doesn't load.
  • Tenpo uses Kaden's VS sprite.


  • The Jukebox's "Default" option will only return the music to normal after changing maps.


  • Characters may occasionally refer to the player as PN, /PN, Jordan, or Mary.
  • Characters may occasionally refer to the rival as "Mary" even when the rival is Jordan.
  • There may be random line breaks in dialogue. (please inform us of places you see this, with screenshots)



  • Medium house templates have some collision issues.
  • Some evolutions may be unable to be cancelled.
  • The game may believe that the fonts aren't installed properly, and thus display the warning message every time the game is started. This has no graphical effects.
    • Turns out this is an Essentials issue more than a Sardonyx issue. It can be fixed by installing the fonts for all users, not just current user.